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Strategies for College Success



A Program for Increasing Postsecondary Success Rates Among Urban Students
funded by the US Department of Education.


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Why Take The Course ?


 Why Take the Course?

The 'Strategies for College Success' course is designed to teach students what are often referred to as "study skills," those strategies or approaches that enable one to better learn, understand and retain what is being taught, and the ways to manage one's time and life, in the new environment of college. The strategies and approaches covered utilize the following basic skills: Take Reasonable Risk, Take Responsibility for your Outcomes, Search the Environment, and Use Feedback. These skills are applied to learning from lectures and textbooks, preparing for exams, researching and writing papers, managing tasks, making career decisions, and managing oneself and one's life at college. For more information, please click

Click here for an article about the course published by the National Council for Student Development.

Click here to view a presentation about the 'Strategies for College Success' course.

Interested In Starting?

If you are an urban high school or community college and would like more information about our program, please send an email to our coordinator,
Mark Sandidge. If you are interested in including our Strategies for College Success course in your curriculum, please complete the appropriate checklist from the list below and email the results back to us.


Implementation Checklist


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